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40ch portable
20ch portable
NH-X Multi
40ch simultaneous
NH-X Pico
48ch Pmax meas.
NH-X II. III, Multi
NH-X Multi
This model can measure, almost same time, the pressure of whole cylinders because the pressure sensors are provided on whole cylinders.
Each cylinder is measured the data at no time lag under the same load condition and the same outside circumstances.
The accurate comparison can be done for the load unbalance between each cylinder.
Engine 2,4cycle / Diesel, Gas
No. of Cylinder Max 40
R.P.M. 21-2500 RPM
Max.Pressure 200kg/cm2G Max.
Memory Channel 40ch
Input Signal
Pressure sensor : Quartz Pressure Sensor
TDC Pulse : Proximity Switch
Electric Source AC100-220V
Control software( Zoom with click)
NH-X Pico
NH-X Pico can measure Pmax. just to insert a sensor into indicator cook.
Because it works without TDC signal, the extra work is not necessary.
Engine 2,4 cycle / Diesel, Gas
No. of Cylinder Max 48
R.P.M. 35-2400 RPM (2 cycle) / 60-1200 RPM (4 cycle)
Max.Pressure 30~250kg/cm2G Max.
Memory Channel 48ch
Input Signal
Pressure sensor : Quartz Pressure Sensor
Others Available w/o TDC signal
10,20,40,80 measure cycles can be selected.
Pmax., Average, Max. and Min. value are memorized and displayed on LCD.
Electric Source AA alkaline battery x4 ( >24 hours battery life)
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